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Why Should You Walk Your Dog?

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As you claim, “I should walk my dog now,” a lot of people believe that your dog just wants to go do some potty breaks. Sure, it’s important to walk the dog to prevent your household carpet from being blemished. However, walking your furry friend gives several other advantages. Walking your dog is an easy job that yields a positive impact on several aspects of their total condition. Here are some of these benefits of dog walking services in Edina MN: 

Urinary and digestive health 

Walking regularly can help normalize the digestive tracts. Like other people, other dogs like to do their business on a schedule, and giving routine trips outside with your dog prevents them from being constipated. Moreover, your dog can experience having bladder infections especially if urine sits in its bladder for a long time. Thus, it’s crucial to let them empty regularly to make their anatomy satisfied and happy. But you should take note that it’s vital to consult your veterinarian and doctor before you establish an exercise program.  

Joint health 

One of the typical health conditions that your dog can experience is immobility. Similar to human beings, their joints should be exercised as well even the old ones. Pets and people become stiff once they become sedentary for a long time. By letting them move their joints, you’re helping them improve their function as well.  

Body and weight condition 

Though obesity is the main health condition, it can be resolved. You can do that by burning more calories than taken. One of the best ways to keep the pound off and burn those extra calories is by having them exercise regularly, such as walking. This is good both for you and your dog.  


Apart from physical health, walking your dog can also help other aspects of their lives such as the following: 

Emotional health 

Your dogs crave your attention all the time since you have become the center of their universe. What other better activity can you do with your dog while spending quality time with them than walking? Spending this time with your dog regularly can help to establish your bond even more and aid in preventing attention-seeking and annoying behaviors like whining or barking.  

Mental health 

Dogs dislike being bored. Once you provide them something positive to perform, such as taking a walk, they will be less likely to do something negative such as chewing the couch. If you let them walk more often, their body and mind are exercised as well. Observing other people with pets, discovering new paths, watching wildlife, etc., are good mental stimulation for your furry friend. These are the things that they can’t see while being fenced in a similar place always. Moreover, walking can help your dog sleep well at night and help release their excess energy.  

So, what are you waiting for? Take a dog leash and spend time with your dog today by taking a walk in his favorite park.  


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